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[audio]Mothman Writing Presentation
A presentation about the Mothman for my writing class.
Keywords: mothman; writ
Downloads: 17
[audio]Mothman Chronicles Extended Edition - Post Mortem
Featuring MC Post Mortem's latest tracks. Mothman Chronicles: Prelude to Disaster
Keywords: mothman; chronicles; post mortem; hip hop; underground
Downloads: 135
[audio]what have i done? episode 7 - what have i done? the podcast
we talk to gabe schray, a "buddy" about some of his musics, and some other stuffs
Keywords: sci-fi; bayleaf; dub; billy corgan; emi; the mothman; ufo
Downloads: 126
[audio]TheAvod Episode 194: Dear David Wong - Count Vardulon
It's time to watch some netflixflix - and terrible ones at that! How bad? It turns out that the one with Nicholas Cage is by far the best - as absurd as that seems. Also, The Count has some news about a world record!
Keywords: theavod; podcast; movies; horror; alan tudyk; seeking justice; bear; mothman
Downloads: 40
[audio](Whispers Radio) Sept 10, 2008: Interview with Jeff Wamsley - Jordan Cline and Nick Queen
This week on Whispers we welcome back Jeff Wamsley. Heâs with us discussing the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant, WV. Jeff Wamsley is the author of Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes and co-author of Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend, he is also the director of the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, WV and helps in organizing the annual Mothman Festival. The festival is coming up on September 20-21, 2008 and will be held in Point Pleasant, WV.
Keywords: paranormal; aliens; ufo; cryptozoology; conspiracy; radio; ghosts; Mothman
Downloads: 186
[audio]Through the Keyhole 7/10/09 - Tribute to John Keel - Karyn Dolan
Karyn Dolan talks with Richard Dolan about the life and career of journalist and paranormal investigator John Keel. Keel passed away on July 3, 2009. He is best known for his book The Mothman Prophecies and for publicizing the Men In Black phenomenon. This show is syndicated through The Black Vault Radio Network (BVRN). To access the entire archive of shows, logon to
Keywords: John Keel; Mothman; Men In Black; paranormal; UFO; Dolan
Downloads: 213
[movies]LOS CASOS DE JOHN KEEL (tercera Parte)
John Alva Keel -nacido Alva John Kiehle- (n. 25 de marzo de 1930 - f. 3 de julio de 2009) fue un investigador forteano, escritor y periodista.Keel comenzó a escribir de forma profesional a la edad de 12 años, y fue muy conocido por sus escritos sobre objetos voladores no identificados, el “Mothman” de West Virginia, y otras temáticas paranormales. Keel fue uno de los ufólogos más influyentes desde la década de los 70...
Downloads: 15
[audio]Shadows in the Dark - Mothman - Shadows in the Dark
Host, narrator, producer, researcher, and writer for Dark Wings: The Mothman Chronicle, Travis Shortt joined the show. Travis along with Charles McCracken and Matthew Fleming have brought together research and witness accounts in this full length documentary of this legendary creature.
Keywords: shadows; dark; jeremiah; greer; mothman; west virginia; keel; john; 2007
Downloads: 135
[audio]Faculty of Horror: Episode 8. A Friend of a Friend: Urban Legends in Film - The Faculty of Horror
In this episode Andrea and Alex dig up the stories from our past that we just can't seem to quit. Why do they keep reappearing, who's responsible and what's that scratching noise?
Keywords: Faculty of Horror; Candyman; Clive Barker; Urban Legends; Mothman Prophecies
Downloads: 568
[audio]Shadows in the Dark - The Mothman Chronicles - Shadows in the Dark
Host, narrator, producer, researcher, and writer for Dark Wings: The Mothman Chronicle, Travis Shortt, returned for a talk about the Mothman.
Keywords: shadows; dark; jeremiah; greer; mothman; chronicle; travis; shortt; 2008
Downloads: 69
[movies]John Keel - The Men in Black (1989 Lecure) - John Keel
The Late John A. Keel (1930 -2009) giving a lecture on the Men-In-Black in 1989. Illustrations are added on the originally audio-only recording.
Keywords: john; keel; men; in; black; mib; mothman; paranormal; ultraterrestrial; 1989
Downloads: 344
[audio]The Mothman Chronicles: Prelude to Disaster - Post Mortem
An EP from Post Mortem, created in a single day as a prequel to the full length Autopsy Report LP. For those who enjoy good punchlines, a balanced album, and a darker sort of rapper. Not for those who enjoy gimmicks! Note I used a pretty bad microphone, so don't get your hopes up about the quality.
Keywords: mc pm; post mortem; mothman chronicles; hip hop; hardcore rap; prelude to disaster
Downloads: 29
[audio]David in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania - Jason Sims
David is a native of West Virgina and, like myself, a fearer of Mothman.
Keywords: podcast; alabama; pennsylvania; huntsville; mothman; west virginia; phone call; jason sims is calling you; recording
Downloads: 228
[audio]John Keel Mothman Lecture 1966
"John Keel lectures at the March 16, 1966 meeting of Saucer News. This is a remastered special edition of the lecture dealing with Keel's preliminary investigation of the Pt. Pleasant, WV incident commonly known as the Mothman phenomenon. 28.5 Mins." From Wendy Connors's now-defunct Faded Discs archive of UFO-related audio. Keel also lectures on the CIA's Robertson Panel, which recommended spying on civilian UFO investigation groups.
Keywords: ufo; ufos; paranormal; John Keel; mothman; CIA; Robertson Panel; Wendy Connors
Downloads: 2,883 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Super Ghouls n' Ghosts Mothman Edition Soundtrack - DJ John Keel
A special edition soundtrack of 9 tracks from Super Ghouls n' Ghosts for the SNES game console.
Keywords: super; nintendo; ghoul; ghost; mothman; edition; john; keel; soundtrack; game; score
Downloads: 522
[audio]What have i done? episode 6 - what have i done? the podcast
We have another guest! This time it is filmmaker Philip B. Swift! we talk about a bunch of stuff including Tony AND Ridley Scott, the mothman, bumming people out, and a ton of other stuff.
Keywords: website(band); tony scott; ridley scott; e.t. the video game; the mothman; serious DOCS; disney world
Downloads: 136
[audio]MOTHMAN LIVES! With Special Guest Jeff Wamsley - The Paranormal View
Beth and Henry welcome author and founder of the Mothman Museum, Jeff Wamsley. If you've ever wondered about the REAL reports that spurred books, movies, and legends, you won't want to miss this episode!
Keywords: mothman; bigfoot; cryptozoology; dowsing; esp; ghost; ghosts; hunters; investigation; magick; mediums; paranormal; psychics; skeptic; supernatural; tarot; ufo; witchcraft
Downloads: 121
[texts]Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal (Vol. 4 No. 1) - Jack Hunter (Editor)
'"Life is Not About Chasing the Wind": Investigating the Connection Between Bodily Experience, Beliefs and Transcendence Amongst Christian Surfers' - Emma Ford'Epistemological, Methodological and Ethical Aspects of Conducting Interviews About Anomalous Experiences' - Leonardo Breno Martins'A Visit to Point Pleasant: Home of the Mothman' - Simon J. Sherwood'Steve Abrams: Psychedelic Trickster' - David Luke'Turning to the Affective in Direct Experiences: An Interdisciplinary, Investigative Quest' ...
Keywords: Religion; Experience; Belief; Anomalous Experience; Psychedelics; Mothman; Paranormal; Daimonic Intelligence; Ghosts; Shamanism; Out-of-Body Experience; Parapsychology; Paranthropology
Downloads: 22
[movies]Ivan Marx's The Legend Of Bigfoot - Special Edition
A painstakingly researched, enhanced and extended cut of Ivan Marx controversial documentary. More informative and a good bit creepier than the original cut. Marx encounters a small female sasquatch, ancient American Indian markings, witnesses who have encountered mysterious "U.F.O.s"and headless creatures with glowing eyes, which would later come to be known as "Mothmen". Some say Marx was far ahead of his time...
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 10,975 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(6 reviews)
[movies]Bigfoot & Mothman footage
Bigfoot & Mothmen footage
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 1,122
[movies]Headless "Mothman"
A bit hard to see, but this was originally labeled a bigfoot siting. Later it was recatagorized as a "Mothman" sighting after a witness described a headless creature with big reflective eyes.
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 527
[audio]2013 10 31 Bannedinboston - Banned In Boston
BANNED IN BOSTON on UNregular Radio - October 31, 2013 -   Topic: Boston Red Sox World Series win in context of crowd response immediately following the event/crowd control during the game surrounding Fenway park. The second part of the program was a light hearted discussion involving conspiracy theories such as Trutherism, Birtherism, Mothman, bigfoot, John F. Kennedy assassination, reptilian over lords, Chem-trails, etc. Music: In lieu of music a message from Anonymous about the Novemeber...
Keywords: Boston; Red Sox; World Series; BPD; mothman; trutherism; inside job; million mask march; anonymous; big foot; chemtrails; JFK; John F. Kennedy
Downloads: 13
[movies]Bigfoot: First sasquatch footage shot by the controversial Ivan Marx.
Bigfoot: Ivan Marx first film of a sasquatch. The first sasquatch footage shot by the controversial Ivan Marx.
Keywords: UFO; bigfoot; sasquatch; special edition; mothman; yeti; flying saucers; ivan marx; horror; documentary; science fiction; scifi; hoax; glowing eyes; fraud; legend
Downloads: 1,542 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]UFO Update: The Real Men in Black - Jerry Modjeski
The MIB experiences of Bob (The Andreasson Affair) Luca; John (Mothman Prophecies) Keel; Albert K. Bender (Flying Saucers and the 3 Men); Jim Dilettoso; Peter Stenshoel. Produced by Jerry Modjeski ( for The Musical Transportation Spree, KFAI (Mpls-St. Paul), and featuring the talents of Mike Nilsson, La Sonorite Jaune, Craig Lang.
Keywords: Craig Lang; UFO Update; Betty Andreasson; Bob Luca; John Keel; Albert Bender; Men in Black; MIBs; ScorchedEar; Peter Stenshoel; Mike Nilsson; Jerry Modjeski; The Musical Transportation Spree; KFAI; Jim Dilettoso; La Sonorite Jaune; Mothman Prophecies; Flying Saucers; aliens; abductions; paranormal
Downloads: 927
[audio]Squeezing Being - Wholeness Recordings
Compilation culled from a group of friends in the 1990's Home-Taper world. Most submissions were received on cassette and mastered on an early stand-alone CD recorder. Here it is again in the digital domain... many thank's to all who submitted!
Keywords: De Fabriek; Anlage; Kirchenkampf; C. Reider; Yuri Jossa; BRF; Tom Allen Cox; Brutum Fulmen; The Implicit Order; Adam Bohman; Mothman; Antibody; The American Tract Society; Zan Hoffman; Ambient; Industrial; Experimental; Noise; 1990's; Home-Taper; Cassette Culture; Underground
Downloads: 154
[audio]The S & M Show episode 4: The Fandom Menace - Sam Cunningham and Matthew Slack
The Geeks are visited by a guest, fear for their lives, play dress-up, and introduce yet another new segment: Talk Trilogy.
Keywords: Tyler Bueno; MarbleHornets; Mothman Prophecies; Chloe Moretz; Star Wars; Phantom Menace; Attack of the Clones; Clone Wars; Revenge of the Sith; Liam Neeson; Ahmed Best; Ewan McGregor; Jake Lloyd; Fanboys; Ray Park; Natalie Portman; Hayden Christensen; George Lucas; Harrison Ford; Carrie Fisher; Mark Hamill; Indiana Jones; Frank Oz; Peter Cushing; Hugh Jackman; Van Helsing; Transformers; Comic-Con
Downloads: 52
[audio]Everything Actioncast Ep. 41 "Robo Hulk Smash!" -
This week Zach, Chris and Joe talk about a bunch of things, among them the frightening but awesome prospect of Ang Lee's Robo Hulk going rogue, a mandatory tangent about Invasion USA, the ridiculousness of The Cape and the guys' favorite movies where people are stuck or trapped in one location. Show and Tell: Joe watched The Mothman Prophecies, Ponty Pool, Dinner for Schmucks, MacGruber and The Last Exorcism, Chris watched Blazing Saddles, Death at a Funeral, Predator 2 and The Bounty Hunter and...
Keywords: everything actioncast; zach; chris; joe; podcast; invasion USA; the cape; the mothman prophecies; ponty pool; dinner for schmucks; macgruber; the last exorcism; blazing saddles; death at a funeral; predator 2; the bounty hunter; the social network; despicable me; tango & cash; camelot; starz; andrew garfield; spider man; gotham high; ang lee; hulk; robot; mortal kombat; bond 23; buried; trapped; stuck; one location; die hard; castaway; jurassic park
Downloads: 126
[audio]Hard 2 Swallow 120: The Blair Witch Exists (Part 2) - Jacob Heethuis
It's here! The second half of my epic chat with Director Eduardo Sanchez is now ready for human consumption! We're talking Blair Witch 3, Exists, depression, cryptids AND... Ed answers YOUR twitter and facebook questions! Be sure to scoop up Exists on DVD today. recorded 1-24-2015 with Jay J. Bidwell and Eduardo Sanchez
Keywords: Hard2s; hard 2 swallow; jay bidwell; hard to swallow; podcast; comedy; smodcast; kevin smith; eduardo sanchez; altered; lovely molly; the blair witch; blair witch project; director; writer; editor; producer; michigan; maryland; d.c; washington; exists; bigfoot; fanmail; fan mail; bigfoot; in search of; unsolved mysteries; robert stack; book of shadows; the blair witch 3; the blair witch 2; blair witch 3; dread central; bloody disgusting; interview; celebrity; free; comedy; funny; informative; cuba; united states; obama; john waters; pink flamingos; 1999; cannibal holocaust; paranormal activity; horror; razzies; awards; razzy; razzi; spoof; parody; mothman; lochness monster; nessie
Downloads: 10
[audio]Enhanced ReCast - WAWWH 10 - We Are What We Hated series - mediamode, vyzygoth, Larry The Contractor Guy, Andy Colvin
This episode has researcher/photographer Andy Colvin joining Vyz and Larry The Contractor Guy to discuss Nazis and UFOs. Originally posted/aired July 2, 2011. This 30-part series explores Nazism; its origins, its workings then and now and its ramifications. Originally posted by Vyzygoth on his site, he and Larry the contractor guy lay out Nazism in all its forms. Tagged by mediamode, February 2013...
Keywords: wawwh; vyzygoth; larry; contractor; guy; andy; colvin; nazi; ufo; operation; paperclip; foo; fighters; wwii; ww2; world; war; pilot; nikola; tesla; mothman; garuda; keel; laurance; rockefeller; west; virginia; point; pleasant; tnt; torbich; hermann; oberth; rudolf; schriever; eisenhower; extraterrestrial; drone; aircraft; jungk; suns; thule; society; union; carbide; farben; oil; drugs; genocide; armenia; bosnia; croat; serb; standard; coal; hydrogenation; synthetic; gas; fuel; majestic; twelve; 12; mj-12; mj; aviary; dora; factory; microdone; mittelbau; wright; field; base; air; force; area; 51; mound; lab; mlk; king; hubertus; strughold; ohio; university; state; cia; mkultra; avro; arrow; canada; silver; bridge; scientology; mormon; crop; circle; research; reagan; star; war; defense; initiative; walter; bowart; howard; hughes; aristotle; onassis; basf; huntington; podcast; itunes; ipad; ipod; aac; m4a; lossless; enhance; recast; vlc; mp3; audio; mediamode
Downloads: 93
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